Bylaws Revision

Bylaws –Amended January, 2023

The old bylaws were ratified by the membership at the El Paso general membership meeting in June 2015. The amended bylaws were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors January 19, 2023. However, to remain effect they must be ratified by the membership at the general membership to be held in conjunction with the Gettysburg reunion to be held Aug 29-Sep 2, 2023. The primary reason the bylaws revisions were made was to bring them up to date to reflect the way the Association operates and to expand the membership requirements to provide a pathway for the Association to include all those who served under the flag of the 1St Cavalry Regiment (Blackhawks).

Revision Summary:

  1. Significant formatting changes were made to better organize the bylaws.
  2. The organization structure of the membership was changed to provide for the inclusion of any Trooper who served under the flag of the 1st Cavalry Regiment (Blackhawks).
  3. The term of office for all Directors changed from one year to two years.
  4. The normal association membership period is one year and the board may set other membership periods. (In addition to the normal one year membership the board established a three year membership. The association no longer has a five year membership option).
  5. Annual meetings may be held in conjunction with a reunion or held by electronic means.
  6. Board of Directors meetings may be held by electronic means.
  7. Board of Directors vacancies are filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors or Director.
  8. Provisions for electronic voting are established.
  9. The Dragoon Newsletter will be published three times a year with a Spring, Fall and Winter edition.
  10. A new appointed position of Media Coordinator was created.

The old 2015 Bylaws were 12 pages and the amended Bylaws are 13 pages. If you would like to compare the two documents they are available on our website,

The amended document is watermarked “REVISED BYLAWS – CHANGES IN RED” and has red printing denoting the sections that were revised.

Using the buttons below you can view the 2015 Bylaws and the 2023 Amended Bylaws. The 2023 Amended Bylaws will be presented to the membership for ratification at the General Membership meeting to be held September 2, 2023. The meeting is held in conjunction with the Gettysburg Reunion.